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A whole-school approach to Well-being

Well 2 Shine Schools™ is a coaching and training offering to schools that supports a truly whole-school approach to well-being for the entire school community.

Well 2 Shine Schools™ uses positive psychology based coaching approaches to empower school staff with strategies for greater day to day resilience and improved learner well-being.

There are Five Well-being Pillars to the Well 2 Shine Schools™ Programme:

Head and Lead Teachers:

What you will gain from working with me

You’ll be able to ask for support and input into whichever areas of well-being you feel less confident in (leading, auditing, measuring impact or evidencing high quality teaching/learning provision and/or learner progress in Well-being).

You’ll be able to give support to your teachers and leaders to improve the quality of their performance, bringing massive benefits to the quality of teaching and learning.

You will be able to support parents to improve the relationships between parent and child and improve the quality of the home learning environment.

You’ll become more confident in articulating what well-being means to you, and communicating how you achieve that in your setting.

You will be given support to implement the training .


the five pillars of well-being

How this works


Every school’s well-being profile is unique and will have strengths and areas for further development. A bespoke Well-being Support and Training Package can be created from any combination of the Five Well-being Pillars to suite the specific needs of your school community.

A baseline audit of your school can be done at the outset to plan a comprehensive, effective and relevant package of training and support that will deliver impact where it is needed most.


The Well 2 Shine Schools™ Well-being Framework gives schools, organisations and local authorities clear:

Support for application
Measures of impact
Evidence base
Consistency in approach

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Well to Teach

We’ll tap in to both the needs of your staff and the improvement priorities of your school. 

We’ll deliver:

  • training and coaching to develop resilience
  • reframing for a healthier perspective
  • tools for improved work-life balance and better working relationships

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Well to Lead

Well to Lead is a bespoke coaching programme that can be adapted to the needs of your Leadership team and school improvement goals.

We’ll look at the dynamics of your leadership team and how to build on team strengths. DISC personality profiling provides personalised feedback and is used for individualised coaching for professional development, improved personal effectiveness and strengthens the performance management process for School Leaders.

You’ll learn resilience techniques specifically for school leaders, covering topics including:

  • handling stress
  • managing conflict
  • use of language 

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Well to Learn

Well to Learn is a complete wellbeing training package with resources aimed at improving whole-school provision of personal, social and emotional learning. We’ll work to develop how your setting currently provides opportunities for learning around:

  • Self-awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Social skills and relationships with others
  • Quality of decision making
  • Proactive behaviours to optimise learning
  • Raising self-esteem and self-worth

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Well to Parent

Well to Parent is a new and exciting way to engage with parents.

The programme aims to educate and inform parents on ways they can support their child emotionally and encourage their child to learn.

Workshops can either be delivered to parents directly, or school staff can be trained and supported to deliver the workshops to parents

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Well to Support

Well to Support is an original programme aimed at giving support staff the skills to always be curious and to proactively enquire about the needs of both the learners and teachers they support.

Well to Support recognises the importance of support staff in schools and their potential to impact significantly on the wellbeing of others in the school environment.

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Stay in the loop

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Have a question?


If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or would like to book a free consutation call with me, please get in touch.

I can’t work on all 5 pillars at once, can I focus on just one area of Well-being to begin with?

Yes.  You can choose to work on one, two or three areas over 12 months. You choose the package of support you want and can afford. At the start of your journey we explore the areas that you most need to focus on through a co-created audit and from that build a plan of action over the next 12 months.

How will I know the impact Well 2 Shine Schools™ has made in my school setting?

We audit to capture a starting baseline, create a plan of actions over the 12 month period whilst you will observe, track progress, collate evidence and finally we re-audit to measure specific progress gains and next steps for further school improvement goals.

How can I reach Majella and how will I be able to get support outside of training and meetings?

The school nominates a ‘Lead’ this could be a Well-being Lead or Lead teacher or Headteacher or Project Lead. This person will have direct access to Majella via email and whatsapp in addition to scheduled meetings and training agreed as part of the package of support.

What happens during the Group Coaching sessions and networking events with other schools?

The nominated Lead will have the option of attending a number of online Group Coaching Sessions with other Leads from schools. The idea is to create space to explore Well-being in your own setting by learning from others who share their experiences of Leading Well-being. Each session will have a theme and focus around Well 2 Shine Schools™ 5 Pillar Well-being Framework.

How does Majella deliver the training and consultations?

Training, meetings and communication is done online (usually via Zoom or MS Teams). In-person events may be planned for local schools or in cases when travel can be pre-agreed and costed. Much of the content of the training and workshops are interactive, based on Action-led research and schools are given focus tasks in between scheduled  sessions to maximise impact.



What the people who work with me are saying

Wellbeing leader Majella ensures that it is a focus for all staff and pupils as the new Curriculum for Wales and ALN Reform bill demands are developed and implemented.  Health and wellbeing is at the forefront of everyday life, all planning is done with the wellbeing of all members of the school community in mind.

Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes (WNHSS) National Quality Award Assessor

Reaccreditation 2019

Majella has led Well-being and Inclusion projects innovatively both in our school and across our Cluster of schools. A person-centred approach is central to her Well-being and Inclusion ethos. The initiatives Majella introduced have benefitted all children in our school and as a result led to our school being a model for Well-being and Rights based education.  Majella can be relied upon to coach you to find the correct direction to take, have courage to tackle big issues and develop strategies that solve problems.

Clare Griffiths

Well-being and Inclusion Leader, Bridgend

“Majella has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the barriers to learning that different groups of pupils may experience. She has analysed the progress of groups and individuals rigorously. Her evaluations inform a broad series of well-targeted interventions and support strategies.”

Garth Primary

Estyn Follow Up Monitoring Report, Dec 2015

How to work with me


Have a face-to-face with me (online, via video conferencing)


Invoice is issued with payment terms for schools (14 days)


We agree a package of support with dates and price


Pre support audit/baseline will begin!

It’s about everyone in the entire school valuing Well-being

“Triangulating excellent Well-being provision means considering the very different perspectives on Well-being that exist within your setting. It involves really listening to your learners, your staff, your parents and learning about their experiences of Well-being as well as monitoring the delivery of Well-being in the classroom and evaluating the opportunities for Well-being that exist in everyday school routines. It’s about everyone in the entire school valuing Well-being and having their well-being needs met to function at their very best.”

Majella O’Mahony