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What is well 2 shine schools™?

Well 2 Shine Schools™ is a whole-school community approach to Well-being and Resilience consisting of five pillars: teachers, learners, leaders, support staff and parents.

Too many schools’ approach to well-being is piecemeal: something done well here, something else not done so well there, something else tried a few years ago. And this approach isn’t easy to demonstrate well to outsiders – such as during an inspection.

What’s missing is a consistent and clear vision for Well-being that applies to all aspects of school life. As well as consistent evidencing of what’s being done – and its impact.

I’ll work with you to improve the day-to-day experiences of your entire school community, raise aspiration and create a coaching culture in your school.


Why Well-being?

When done to a high standard, Well-being has the potential to totally transform a school and improve the school experiences of learners, the performance of staff and the quality of support for parents and the wider school community. Excellence in Well-being Provision improves the attainment of learners and improves their life chances.

For young people experiencing socioeconomic deprivation, personal, social and emotional learning is especially empowering and life changing.

When we experience better well-being, better self-care, better ways to deal with stress, better ways to self-regulate and become more resilient whilst either working or learning in a school, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Hi, I’m Majella O’Mahony,

Founder of Well 2 Shine Schools™.

I’m a professional coach accredited with the ICF, and have over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience in schools, including more than ten years’ experience as an Inclusion and Well-being Leader.

When my work commitments began to take precedence over other more important areas of my life, I learnt the hard way what happens to your health and well-being when you prioritise work over your life. I experienced exhaustion and burnout after years of working in an environment where stress and fatigue are normalised, accepted and largely overlooked by employers.

When we focus on the well-being of learners in isolation it dilutes the message that well-being really matters – and offers them a poor role model. I want to make Well-being a number one priority in schools for ALL members of the school community – not just the learners.


De-mystifying Well-being

Well-being can overwhelm School Leaders. It can seem as if it covers everything under the sun: pedagogy, learning, curriculum, safeguarding, provision, relationships, health, engagement, participation and inclusion. Well-being is both complex and multi-layered in a school setting; I make it clear and simple. My 5 pillar strategic Well-being Framework is unique and provides a clear approach that’s easy to understand and apply.

I’ll work with you to create a VISION for all aspects of Well-being in your school, de-mystifying well-being and linking this with impact and evidence.

Well 2 Shine Schools™: who is this for?

Well 2 Shine Schools™ is designed for Headteachers, Regional Education Advisers, Local Authorities, Parents and Young People, Lead Teachers, Senior Leaders and ALNCOs.

My 5 pillar strategic Well-being framework is for schools who want:

  • a proven approach to improve standards and provision of Well-being for all
  • to engage and participate in their own Action-Led Research based change
Well to Teach

We’ll tap in to both the needs of your staff and the improvement priorities of your school to deliver training and coaching to develop resilience, reframing for a healthier perspective and tools for improved work-life balance and better working relationships.

Well to Learn

A complete, whole school Well-being training package with resources aimed at improving whole-school provision of personal, social and emotional learning.

We’ll work to develop how your setting currently provides opportunities for learning around self-awareness, social awareness, social skills and relationships with others,  decision making, proactive behaviours to optimise learning and raising self-esteem and self-worth.

Well to Lead

Techniques to develop resilience specific to leadership roles:

  • Strategies for managing both acute and chronic stress
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • Use of language and communication
  • Achieving and maintaing a work-life balance
  • Developing a strong team ethos
Well to Parent
  • A new and exciting way to engage with parents
  • Educate and inform parents on ways they can support their child emotionally and encourage their child to learn
  • Workshops can either be delivered to parents directly, or school staff can be trained and supported to deliver the workshops to parents
Well to Support
  • An original programme aimed at giving support staff the skills to always be curious and to proactively enquire about the needs of both the learners and teachers they support
  • Can be adapted to also include group coaching, or masterminds with teachers and learners present


What the people who work with me are saying

“As a direct result of embedding a CRC approach, the well-being of pupils has improved and other school initiatives, including the whole school values, have all been strengthened and unified. The RRSA Co-ordinator, Majella O’Manony, is fully committed to adopting a rights based approach in all aspects of school life and at a strategic level, in order for RRS to be a whole school, sustainable approach.”

UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School Award Level 1 (Silver)

Assessment 2014

“Majella is an excellent leader and has guided myself and colleagues through challenging new initiatives. She is exceptionally supportive and inspirational, values everyone’s input and leads by example. Her subject knowledge is excellent, I felt supported and I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. Majella has ensured that pupils and school staff are given opportunities to access practices tailored to their particular needs.”

Sian Phillips

ALNCO and Inclusion Lead, Bridgend, South Wales

“Majella has shared excellent practice around well-being and support for vulnerable learners to a diverse audience. She has delivered numerous Well-Being Approaches and Rights Respecting Schools workshops to education professionals in schools, local authorities, consortia and the Prison Education Service.”

Garth Primary Case Study of Effective and Innovative Practice

(Submitted to Estyn 2019)

How to work with me


Have a face-to-face with me (online, via video conferencing)


Invoice is issued with payment terms for schools (14 days)


We agree a package of support with dates and price


Pre support audit/baseline will begin!

I know the challenges involved in deciding which aspects of Well-being to prioritise for whole-school development

“Excellent Well-being provision can be overwhelming to deliver, monitor and evaluate. I know well the challenges involved in deciding which aspects of Well-being must be prioritised and tackled first for whole-school development, whether this be curriculum development, pastoral care, whole-school teaching and learning, person-centred planning or interventions to target individual pupil well-being profiles.”

Majella O’Mahony


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